Archbishop Dr. John O. Onaiyekan (President)

Most Rev. Daniel Okoh
(Vice President)

Engr. S.L.S. Salifu
(General Secretary)

Supt. Apostle Akin Omojola JP
(Assistant General Secretary)

Pastor Paul F. Usman

Arc. M.A. Adeyo
(Centre Manager)

Mr. Cletus Alu
(Financial Officer)






S/N0  STATE          NAMES                                              POSITION

1.        ABIA             VERY MSGR. DR. RALPH NWOSU         CHAIRMAN
2.       ABUJA            REV.FR. WILLY OJUKWU                     CHAIRMAN
3.       ADAMAWA      REV. SAMUEL SHINGU                        CHAIRMAN
4.       AKWA IBOM   MOST REV. DR. ETUKUDOH                 CHAIRMAN
5.       ANAMBRA       NOST REV. DR. O.C. DOMNIC             CHAIRMAN
6.       BAUCHI          REV. DAUDA JIMRA                             CHAIRMAN
8.       BENUE           REV. DR. S.A. ADO                              CHAIRMAN
9.       BORNO          REV. JOSHUA ADAMU                          CHAIRMAN
10.     CROSS RIVER BISHOP A.E. ARCHBONG                    CHAIRMAN
11.     DELTA            BISHOP GOD-DO-WELL                      CHAIRMAN
12.     EBONYI          RT. REV. G.A. AGUPUSI                       CHAIRMAN
13.     EDO MOST     REV. DR. P.E. EKPU OFR                     CHAIRMAN
14.     EKITI             RT. REV. J.O. AKINSANYA                    CHAIRMAN
15.     ENUGU          REV. (PROF) PAUL EMEKA                   CHAIRMAN
16.     GOMBE          BISHOP HENRY NDUKWE                    CHAIRMAN
17.     IMO               DR. EMMA ESENWA                             SECRETARY
18.     JIGAWA         REV. DR. UMAR GABA DUTSE               CHAIRMAN
19.     KADUNA        BISHOP J. BAGOBIRI                           CHAIRMAN
20      KANO            BISHOP NUAM                                    CHAIRMAN
21      KASTINA        GAMBO DAUDA                                   CHAIRMAN
22.     KEBBI            REV.JAMES HANYA                              CHAIRMAN
23.     KOGI             PASTOR KAYODE AJIBADE                   SECRETARY
24.     KWARA          REV. C.O.S FAWENU                           SECRETARY
25.     LAGOS           REV. MGR. B.A. OKODUA                    CHAIRMAN
26.     NASARAWA    REV. JERRY S. MODIBO                      CHAIRMAN
27.     NIGER            REV. DAWUDA A. MAIGARI                 CHAIRMAN
28.     OGUN            SUPR. EVANG. ENGR. DR. ABIOLA       CHAIRMAN
29.     ONDO            REV. O. A. ARO                                   CHAIRMAN
30.     OSUN             PASTOR DR. AKINOSUN                     CHAIRMAN
31.     OYO                ARCHBISHO J. AKINFENWA               CHAIRMAN
32.     PLATEAU        ARCHBISHOP KAIGAMA                      CHAIRMAN
33.     RIVER MOST   REV. ALEXIS MAKOJU                         CHAIRMAN
34.     SOKOTO         RT. REV. KELVIN J. AJE                      CHAIRMAN
36.    YOBE               REV. FR. D. EJINA                              CHAIRMAN
37.    ZAMFARA         BISHOP SIMON BALA                         CHAIRMAN

In consonant to its mission as indicated in its objectives. CAN has regularly shown special interest in some particular issues. Some of such issues that constantly form subject matter of the Association's press releases and press statements are Health, Education, Politics Census, Hostile Treatment of Christians in some States of the North and struggle for survival of the Church n Christianity in Nigeria.



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