Archbishop Dr. John O. Onaiyekan (President)

Most Rev. Daniel Okoh
(Vice President)

Engr. S.L.S. Salifu
(General Secretary)

Supt. Apostle Akin Omojola JP
(Assistant General Secretary)

Pastor Paul F. Usman

Arc. M.A. Adeyo
(Centre Manager)

Mr. Cletus Alu
(Financial Officer)





SHORT HISTORY: (INSTITUTIONAL) – The OAIC ea found in 1978 at meeting of AIC leaders in Cairo hosted by Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Leader has come to Egypt to learn more about the Coptic Church, and to be visit the historic site associated both with Jesus fight to Egypt as an infant, and with the early Christian Church. The leaders agreed on the need to establish a body which would act as a forum for the sharing of common ideas and co concerns among AICs. This led to the formation of the Organization of African Independent Churches. The organization operated till 1982 when 22 countries gathered in Nairobi for the second general assembly where the constitution was adopted and the international headquarters shifted from Egypt to Nairobi in Kenya. In 198 the OAIC was registered in Kenya under the societies act, after a change of name requested by the Kenyan Government from African Independent Churches to African Instituted Churches.

NIGERIA REGION The OAIC Nigeria was inaugurated on the 3rd June 1986 in Ibadan, Oyo State at an impressive meeting of 30 Heads Indigenous Churches hosted by Pastor J. B. Orogun, then President of the Christ Apostolic Church. The inauguration was at instance of the International headquarters which created various Africa Chapters and Religions - thus Nigeria Region. Other chapters that emerged as Regions include: Ghana - Anglo-phone West Africa, Nairobi – East Africa, south Africa, Northern Africa and Madagascar.

At the 2nd plenary session of Christian association of Nigeria held on 16th – 17th of November 1988 in Kaduna the OAIC became recognized as bloc of CAN as a group of Churches under the same umbrella coming together as a unit under CAN.

The vision of OAIC

The people of Africa

  • Building on their culture and values
  • Transformed by the Good news of Jesus Christ
  • Blessed by the spirit of God
  • Creating abundant life in community for their Children and the world

OAIC’S Mission

The OAIC seeks to bring African Instituted Churches together in fellowship and to equipment and enable them to preach the good news of Christ in Word and deed.

Our Basis of Faith:

Any Africa-founded church, which believes in

Jesus Church as Saviour
The Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit as one God)
Christian doctrine as founded in the Holy Bible (Old and New Testament)

qualifies to be a member (OAIC Constitution para.3.a)

Membership Spread – the membership spreads all over the 36 States of the Federation of Nigeria and the Abuja FCT. The Organization is also present in all the six geo-political Zones and the Regional Headquarters.


The Organisation of Africa Instituted Churches is registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria by Corporate Affair Commission as a Christian religious organisation. The OAIC's highest policy making organ is the General Assembly, which meet every four years. The second policy-making organ is the Regional Executive Committee comprinsing all Office bearers and followed by the General purposes Committee, which embodies all Zones, State and Church delegates. There is a Board of Trustees that guide the organisation's assets and properties.

The Regional Office is headed by the President of the Region, with the General Secretary as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. He is assisted by the Assistant General Secretary, the Treasurer, Financial Secretary and the P.R.O See the organ gram of OAIC Nigeria Region.

ECUMENICAL RELATIONS: The OAIC welcomes into membership African founded Churches of different AIC traditions within the frame work of its basis of Christian Faith. From its very beginnings, therefore the OAIC is essentially a concillar outworking of Christ’s command that his followers should be one that the world may know that he has sent them (John 17:21-23). Beyond the boundaries of it’s own constituency, the OAIC has consistently sought to work with other Christian churches and Organizations.

The OAIC is an associate member of the All African Conference of Churches (AACC) and is recognized as an ecumenical body in working relationship with the World Council of Churches (WCC). It is also a member of the World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP). It works particularly closely with WCRP with in the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS programme. The organization also continues to partner in working relationship with a number of Evangelical Fellowships and Faith Based Organization. It continues to enjoy partnership with a number of Ecumenical and Evangelical Agencies in Europe and North America in the Implementation of its programme. In some countries OAIC Chapters and Regions have good working relationships with the national ecumenical bodies (Councils of Churches). This is particularly true in Nigeria where OAIC Nigeria; is a member of the umbrella Christian body, the Christian Association of Nigeria. Also in Botswana, and in Kenya. The OAIC is also a member of the Word Social Forum, a body that brings together Christians from different traditions who normally do not have opportunity to meet each other.

LEADERSHIP IN OAIC NIGERIA REGION: The first formal meeting of the region was on June 3rd 1986 in Ibadan, Oyo state where Late Primate Dr. E.O.A. Adejobi of church of lord (Aladura) presided as the International Chairman of the Organization with Late Pastor Mala as the Organisation Secretary of the Region. Thereafter a formal election of offices of the Region took place and His Most Eminence Late Baba Aladura Dr. G.I.M. OTUBA was elected as the Region President. His Eminence Pastor A.A. Bada emerged as the 1st Vice President. His Eminence Late Most Rev. Dr. M.N. Amakeze emerged as the 2nd Vice President. The Special Senior Apostle Joshua Owe-keye Arigbe was appointed the General Secretary. The Region was divided into three Zones and Organizing Secretaries were appointed to organize the various zones namely.

Western zone – Pastor Sam Babs Mala (of blessed memory)
Eastern zone – Bishop Elazer Agu
Northern zone – Rev. R.B. Nwankwo

After 4 years of operation, Lagos was created as a zone with Very Rev. Aladenomi as the Organizing Secretary. Snr. Evangelist B.N. Okpeama took over from Pastor Babs Mala at demise. Deu to non-performance of Sholanke, Senior Apostle E. O. Bolaji succeeded him as the Organizing Secretary of the West. Pastor Bisi Adeoye –King was appointed Treasurer, while Elder D.O. Osuolu from Osuolu as Fin. Secretary. Later, Superior Evangelist F.A. Aladesonmi rook over incapacitation of the former as Financial Secretary. Superintendent Apostle Akintunde Omojola was appointed Assistant General Secretary, a position he held till May, 2006.

PRESENT DAY LEADERSHIP: Presently the Regional office is man by the following officers.

  • Most Rev. Dr. Daniel C. Okoh                 – President
  • Ap-General (Prof) J.A.M. Otuba              –1st Vice President
  • Prophet (dr.) G.O. Fakeye                     –2nd Vice president
  • Senior Apostle S.O. Usu                        – General Secretary
  • Ven. (Dr). J.O. Oladipo                           – Treasurer
  • Elder Emma Agha                                  – Financial Secretary
  • Rev. Dr. R.B.C. Nwankwo                      – P.R.O.
  • Snr. Apostle Prophet S. O. Opadotun   – Asst. General Secretary
  • Superior Evangelist Raph Akinkunmi     – Asst. Financial Secretary
  • Elder (Barrister) Ike Ezekwesili             – Legal Adviser
  • Supt. Apostle Akin Omojola                   – Internal Auditor

Suffice to say that the present leadership emerged through the first ever General Assembly of the Region and election on the 19th of May 2006 at the National Christian Centre, Abuja - Nigeria.

Contact Address:

A. The Regional President - Most Rev. Dr. Daniel C. Okoh
C/O Christ Holy Church In'tl
1, 3, 5, Barracks Street, Fegge - Onitsha, Anambra State of Nigeria.
Tel: 08033170010

B. The General Secretary - Senior Apostle Sunday O. Usu (KDA)
No. 20 Pearse Street, Off 38 Tejuosho Street, Surulere - Lagos Stateof Nigeria.
Tel: 08039569269


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