Archbishop Dr. John O. Onaiyekan (President)

Most Rev. Daniel Okoh
(Vice President)

Engr. S.L.S. Salifu
(General Secretary)

Supt. Apostle Akin Omojola JP
(Assistant General Secretary)

Pastor Paul F. Usman

Arc. M.A. Adeyo
(Centre Manager)

Mr. Cletus Alu
(Financial Officer)




Right from its inception in 1976, CAN has always felt very strongly, that a crucial part of its mission is to be the watch person of the type of education which our children are receiving from the various institutions of learning in Nigeria. For this reason, the very first memorandum, which the Association presented to the Federal Government, contained a formidable chapter on education. What has been and still is a source of tremendous concern to CAN, is the very sharp decline in the Spiritual, moral and academic standards of these great institutions of learning which were founded by the early Christian missionaries. As far as those pious founders were concerned, education without God is simply not education, for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

CAN believes very strongly, that as a sacred part of its mission if it is to continue to be a Faithful watch person of the Spiritual and moral welfare of our nation. CAN must ceaselessly call the attention of our Governments – Federal and State – to the heinous and abominable sin committed through the destruction of these sacred Institutions – the Christian Schools and Colleges – which were being used to mould the minds and character of our children. CAN shall never be tired of warning the Government that until the Church is wooed back to rebuild the moral, Spiritual and intellectual standards of those once great citadels of learning, unless the Church is called upon to repair her heritage which the Government takeover has wantonly and mischievously destroyed, one does not have to be a prophet to predict that the juvenile and adult delinquencies which we are now witnessing, will be child’s play to those malpractices which, God forbid, shall soon engulf Nigeria in an annihilating catastrophe.

The catastrophe is very much with us now. What about the spate of armed robbery, assassinations, murders and hostage taking now rampart in the country. But there is a relieve as some States Governments have returned mission schools to the owners, who are now struggling frantically to rebuild them.



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