Archbishop Dr. John O. Onaiyekan (President)

Most Rev. Daniel Okoh
(Vice President)

Engr. S.L.S. Salifu
(General Secretary)

Supt. Apostle Akin Omojola JP
(Assistant General Secretary)

Pastor Paul F. Usman

Arc. M.A. Adeyo
(Centre Manager)

Mr. Cletus Alu
(Financial Officer)




Our Lord and Master during His ministry combined the preaching of the gospel with the issues of social welfare. He illustrated this crucial belief, not only by feeding the hungry and weary 5000 and 4000 but also miraculously restoring the sick to perfect health. Jesus had compassion on the physical ailments of those to whom he preached the gospel of salvation – salvation not simply from sin or spiritual deficiencies, but also from physical suffering. For this reason, CAN believes that its role as watch person of the spiritual and moral welfare of the Nation must of necessity, include every effort to ensure that all Nigerian citizens, especially the masses enjoy reasonable and inexpensive health care.

In this regard, CAN sponsored the founding of Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN) whose membership at the national level comprises Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria, Christian Council of Nigeria and Northern Christian Advisory Council. CHAN is thus more or less an extraction of CAN and its main purpose and objective is to encourage and develop the highest level of health care for the people of Nigeria within the framework of National Health Policies. In memoranda to the Federal Government. CAN is never tired of stressing the supreme importance of ensuring that the population of our nation consists of those who have sound minds in sound bodies.

HIV/AID – CAN has taken the front stage in battling this endemic scourge which is ravaging many nations. CAN representatives are in all committees set up by Federal Government to battle this and CAN has disseminated informations about this scourge to the grass root.



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